Friday, 13 May 2011

GCSE coursework

My coursework consists of 5main projects including my mock exam.

Project 1: (Autumn 2009)

Our first project was portraiture, where I took many pictures of my face from different angles. The main materials that I used were acrylic paints and pencil crayons/lead. The surrounding pictures show the main piece from this project and some of the accompanying prep.

Project 2: 'Landscape' (Winter 09/10)

Our second project was shorter than the first and was used for us to experiment with different mediums, mainly brusho inks. We produced many abstract landscapes using the powders along with water to create illusional effects. However we also did skill based drawings of city scapes, which showed much contrast to the landscapes.

Project 3: 'Sculpture' (Spring 2010)

I chose to use the cartoon character 'Daffy duck' as my inspiration for my clay sculpture. As can be seen on the image below, extra moulds of clay were used to hold the mouth/nose up whilst the sculpture was fired in the kiln.

Project 4: 'Love project' (summer 2010)

For this project we each chose our own theme in preparation for the variety of choices in year 11, I decided to use love as the base for my project due to the many options within that topic. My main piece to this project consistedof a rose drawn using black and white chalks, surrounded by whit acrylic and red lettering (which I think symbolises love).

Project 5: 'Mock exam' (autumn 2010)

Finally, our mock exam, we also had free choice on the theme for this project however instead of creating just one main piece we did two. The first (a flower split into 9 different sections and completed using block paints, black pens and pencil) was displayed at a small gallery in Otley along with many others work. My second piece (done under controlled time, in preparation for the exam in april) was of an orchid, and was painted using acrylics. Out of the two works I prefered the second as I think that it shows more flare and originality (seen below).I also learnt how to use an etching plate during this project. After etching a design into plastic it was smothered in paint and then printed ontowhite cartridge paper, this also can be seen below.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Main Exam Piece - Self Image

For my final exam project I chose the topic of self image. I chose this topic becaue I think that it allowed me to produce work showing my lifestyle and culture.

The image above shows my final piece. I used the chipboard to draw on as it creates a varied texture and a much more interesting effect rather than simply drawing on paper or card. Over the course I have found that one of my strengths is drawing instead of often favoured painting or sculpting, therefore I chose to use it for my final exam.

After experimenting with the use of portraiture and landscapes in my prep work, I chose to use both areas in my piece resulting in my main piece, which shows the neck and hair merging into the trees and fields on the hillside. Inaddition, I also added a tree to the bottom left hand corner, which added another level into the foreground of the picture.

My favourite part to the piece is the stone walling in the foreground,in order to make it look realistic I used dark shading aroundthe edges of each stone andlightershading towards the centreand right hand side.

Although I am overall pleased with my final piece, if making it again I would add different colours into it such as red and green biro, as the colour add a 3D dimension to the overall image, attempting to recreate the effect whch can be seen through red and green 3Dglasses.

Secondly, I would use the tree in the foreground as the centre of the image with each of the other components (landscape, bridge, face) merging into it creating a whirlpool effect. Merging the pictures together makes it more surreal and original.

Exam Prep Sheets - Self Image

The prepsheet on the left shows three copies of
The two on at the top are colourn pencil drawings, I used red to signify anger and danger, whereas the blue copy is cold and dark. Two complete contrasts to the original image(bottom right).

Before deciding to use biro for my final deisgn, I experimented with different ways of producing contrasting ideas using brusho inks.

The picture on the bottom left has two layers, firstly I copied the original picture using pencil and then I added contasting yellow and purple brusho on top of it. I tryed to add the brusho with the intention of adding another dimemsion to the hairstyle; by adding colour it stands out as a more sophisticated piece of art using both modern and traditional painting/drawing techniques.

As my final design has elements of lanscape and the countryside, I decided to use the following Monet, Waterlily pond piece, to copy as a second form of art history.
I chose to copy the original painting (bottom right hand corner) in 4 different mediums. Firstly, white crayon on black paper(middle), brusho and biro(bottom left), computer manipulated images (right hand side) and finally a skill based pencil drawing (top left).

The image in the left also links to the Monet art history. However I used different paintings by monet to produce this piece. To link it with my main exam piece I used one of my projection sheets with the image of my head on it and carefully placed it so that, it appears to be looking across the poppy fields.

Following art history, I made copies of one main image (seen in middle) firstly I did a simple sketch using carbon paper to make it more precise, (Top left hand corner), secondly I did a simple pencil sketch version to show drawing skills and then added a sun to the top right hand corner (bottom, second in from the left). Finally, aftertaking many pictures of yorkshire lanscapes I used the back of an old sketchpad to create a compositon of both landscape and portraiture. This picture (top right hand corner), became my inspiration for my main exam piece.

Oils were used in this picture, painted on top of a photocopy to show use of other materials. Black and white blockpaints were used on another identical copy to show use of a wide range of materials.I took many pictures of similar landscapes, in different weathers, to produce different light and shadowing. These have also been copied and collaged to produce my final prep sheet.